CVAP arbejdspapir 2: Scenes from a Marriage

Et nyt arbejdspapir af Elin Haugsgjerd Allern (Oslo Universitet), Nicholas Aylott (Södertörn Universitet) og Flemming Juul Christiansen (Aarhus Universitet) undersøger relationerne mellem socialdemokratiske partier og fagforeninger i Skandinavien.

Arbejdspapiret hedder Scenes from a Marriage: Social Democrats and trade unions in Scandinavia. Det er det andet i rækken af CVAP-arbejdspapirer og kan læses her.

"Abstract. In this paper, we explore recent developments in institutional relationships between social democratic parties and trade unions in Scandinavia. We find that previously observed variation is still evident. The relationship in Denmark has become notably weaker in recent years, as much extant theory predicts. But the Swedish equivalent has remained stronger, while the Norwegian one appears to have revived. However, exactly how intense the latter relationship now is has considerable implications for our analysis. To offset a deterministic tendency within structural, system-level explanations, we have previously argued that we need to bring agency back in, through a simple model of political exchange – that is, what each wing of the labour movement can offer the other, and what it receives in return. This model still performs fairly well in explaining the divergence between the Danish and Swedish cases. However, to some extent, the relative strength of ties between the Norwegian Labour Party and the country‟s blue-collar unions give us cause to reflect more critically about the assumptions that underpin our inquiry."