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05. september 2009

Papers from August seminar

You can now download all the papers from our seminar on voting behaviour. If you have any questions regarding these papers, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Components of Issue Ownership: The Interlinkage of Problem Solving Competencies and Group Representation in the Formation of Issue Ownership
Associate professor Rune Stubager, Aarhus University and assistant professor Rune Slothuus, Aarhus University

Dimensions in Politics: New and old politics
Professor Ole Borre, Aarhus University

The Danes Opinions toward Immigrants 1998-2007
Associate professor Hans Jørgen Nielsen, University of Copenhagen

Designing Campaign and Election Studies: New Opportunities and Pitfalls
Professor Claes de Vreese, Amsterdam School of Communication Research (ASoCR)

Election Studies: State of the Field and Beyond
Professor Ian McAllister, Australian National University

How to Weight the Danish Election Data 2007 and the Consequence
Professor Søren Risbjerg Thomsen, Aarhus University

The Cultural Component in Voting Behaviour
Professor Søren Risbjerg Thomsen, Aarhus University

Voters and the Election Campaigns - Late Deciders who are they?
Associate professor Kasper M. Hansen, University of Copenhagen 12:00: Lunch

The Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES)
Professor Ian McAllister, Australian National University

Change and Stability in Issue Ownership – the Influence of Government Performance
Johan Martinsson, Göteborg University

Changing Agenda: From Welfare to Economic Crisis
Professor Jørgen Goul Andersen, Aarhus University

Media Coverage and Vote Choice: A New Approach

Assistant professor David Nicolas Hopmann, Assistant professor Rens Vliegenthart, ASoCR, Professor Claes de Vreese ASoCR & Professor Erik Albæk, University of Southern Denmark